Sifton Centre – Corporate Head Office & Presentation Centre

Sifton Centre – Corporate Head Office & Presentation Centre

Category: Institutional & Commercial

Client: Sifton Properties Limited

Consultant: Diamond Schmitt Architects

Location: London, ON

Construction of the Sifton Centre – a new corporate head office for Sifton Properties Limited and retail/office building within the West 5 ‘Smart Community’ development in northwest London, Ontario.

Building description includes: 3-storeys; 60,250 square feet of floor area and 6,150 square feet of basement area.

The building was the first within the West 5 development and is a key landmark for the Smart Community. The Sifton Centre includes a variety of key technologies incorporated to demonstrate as well as achieve a variety of smart initiatives:

Advanced Technology:

  • 524 Solar Panel Modules, including a rooftop solar array; and wall façade cladding system (building integrated photovoltaic wall panels).
  • Dynamic Glass, self-tinting glass which automatically tints based on the outside conditions (cloud cover vs. sunlight).
  • Rainwater Harvesting, a grey water system used for flushing toilets and irrigation.
  • Living Wall and Vegetated Green Roof Systems, the 2 storey living wall improves air quality as a natural filter.
  • Variant Refrigerant Flow (VRF) provides the ability to maintain control in each room by pulling excess heat/cold air from one area and distribute to another.

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